The Deadly Dreams research project is a transdisciplinary cultural history of environment poison covering the period 1850-2020.

Deadly Dreams is an environmental humanities research project. We study peoples´ cultural relation to environmental poisons over time, and at a variety of arenas within private, professional and political life.

The primary objective of the Deadly Dreams research project is to contribute new and advanced knowledge from the humanities and social sciences that can help historicise, understand and handle the challenges posed by the ubiquitous environmental poisons.

Our ambition is to contribute new knowledge, analytical concepts and reflections that can humanize the field of environmental poisons and advance poison literacies among professionals, politicians and the public.

The research group includes more than 13 scientific institutions and more than 20 researchers. Together they represent 14 different fields of research.

In addition the project will include PhD-candidates, MA- and BA-students and various informant networks.

The research process and the research results will be widely mediated through a variety of media and museum exhibitions.