Anne Mette Seines

Historian at University of Agder, Norway



About Seines

Anne Mette Seines (b.1978) is a historian with her MA from the University of Agder in 2015. She is currently a PhD-candidate at the University of Agder researching poison in Scandinavia, the changing practices and perception of poisons emanating in the analysis of Scandinavian poison protocols. This continues her specialization in social-, medical- and local history. Her MA focused on the forming of legislation and care for mentally ill people and the poverty related to this social group in Norway, detailing the situation in Vest-Agder from 1860 – 1882 She started working with research for Deadly Dreams in the spring of 2016, and as a scientific assistant for professor May-Brith Ohman Nielsen in the fall of 2016.

Anne Mette is from Kristiansand and has spent most her life here. In addition to her studies at UiA, she has a background from politics, union work and retail. And after finishing her MA, she worked at the Vest-Agder-museet on the opening exhibition at the museum’s new section in Nodeviga, Kristiansand. This communicated summer memories from local history, including interviews and photos. Her field of interest in Deadly Dreams is human changing relation to substanses known to be poisons/poisonous.