Tora Karoline Rundhovde

MA-student in history at University of Agder, Norway

About Rundhovde

Tora Karoline Mjelde Rundhovde (b.1990) is a MA-student in history at UiA (2016-2018). She has studied psychology and has two BA’s, one in history (2015) and one specializing in economics and administration (2013). In addition to this, she has also worked at several libraries, volunteered at student organizations and been elected as student shop steward. She started working as professor May-Brith Ohman Nielsen’s scientific assistant in the fall of 2016.

Tora grew up in Os in Norway, but graduated from high school at Custer County District High School in Miles City, Montana, USA. She was recruited to the Deadly Dreams project by Ohman Nielsen because of her interest in toxins related to children.