Victoria Østerberg

MA-student in history at the University of Agder

About Østerberg

Victoria Østerberg (b. 1992) is a MA-student in history at the University of Agder (2017-2019). She finished her BA-level in history at University of Agder, where she wrote her text tracing the German influence on the early Norwegian workers’ movement. She also studied German and spent an exchange semester taking history courses at Mannheim University. In 2017 she completed her Teacher training (PPU) at the University of Bergen. In addition to this, she is a member of the Student Parliament and helped found the History Students’ Association ‘Clio’ at the University of Agder.

She writes her MA-thesis on the rise of environmental policy through the lens of the Nordic Council and is especially interested in trying to trace the actors within to its social networks and societal context.